Minggu, 02 Juli 2017

Stop School Bullying: Do You Think Bullies Deserve a 'Clean Slate'?

Do you think hardcore bullies deserve a "Clean Slate" at the beginning of the school year?

You don't?

You don't believe in a 'clean slate' for these students. You feel it only puts the students who have put of with them for years through yet another tormenting start to the school year.

Unless there is convincing evidence that these bullies have "changed" over the summer, you feel their history of bullying should follow them into the new school year until their behavior proves otherwise.

Immediately at the start of the school year, you should identify the hardcore bullies - Kids who you have tried repeatedly to stop bullying other students and who they continued right up to the end of the school in June.

I develop this plan over the summer and talk to the bullies on the first day of school or even have a conference with the bully and their parents to discuss the bully having a successful school year with a change of his/her behavior.

Create a plan for dealing with these bullies starting with the first week of school. Plan Ahead for Your Hardcore Bullies! You don't want to let them loose on the other kids.

One idea could be to place them on a Behavioral checklist with specific behaviors dealing with bullying. It they are not marked with a positive check on those behaviors, they
receive a consequence.

Don't let these hardcore bullies loose on the innocent students in your school in September. Have a bully-zapping plan in place to stop school bullying from the start.
Remember, all kids want to do the right thing. Some just need a little extra assistance.
Stop school bullying Now!

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